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ERIC MILLER JR.ApostleEresize

ERIC MILLER JR. is a native of Griffin, GA and a 1988 graduate of Albany State University. He received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and is currently a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army Reserves. Eric also holds a Master of Science in Management from Florida Institute of Technology. Military duties have allowed Eric to travel worldwide and to gain valuable experience but most of all, it allowed him to cultivate his relationship with God. Apostle Eric is an anointed apostle, pastor, teacher and mentor in his own right. He accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior at the age of 19, but fell out of fellowship approximately eight years before seriously committing to HIM at age 27.

After rededicating his life to Jesus Christ, Apostle Eric received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Eric was licensed initially in October 1996 under Word of Faith Tabernacle as a Minister of the Gospel. In July 1988, he was ordained under the Fellowship of Vineyard Harvester Churches. Eric Miller is a visionary and a Kingdom builder with the Father’s heart. Apostle Eric ministers the Word of God in demonstration and power, with signs and wonders following. His heartbeat for all to receive abundant life is “Kingdom Living—Get Under It”. Through the Word of God, Apostle Eric Miller will encourage, empower, and challenge all that hear to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and “be the best that they can be.





JOHNIENE M. MILLER is a native of Rome, Georgia. She graduated from Albany State University with a Bachelors of Science in Allied Health in 1988. She also holds a Bachelor in Biblical Studies and Master’s Degree in Divinity from Florida Theological Seminary.

DR. JOHNIENE has traveled to various places within the United States and abroad sharing the life changing Word of God. In spirit, Johniene has been a shepherd for many years; she was a licensed minister prior to being ordained in the Fall of 1997. She served diligently as an Associate Pastor of Word of Faith Tabernacle of Newport News, Virginia; President for Women’s Aglow in Kaiserslautern, Germany and served in various other ministries in such places as Hawaii and abroad. She has traveled and ministered in Africa and Nicaragua she continues to empower other leaders and ministries in purpose and mission.

DR. JOHNIENE’S desire is to present the Good News in simplicity and power. Her presentation of The Word of God will encourage, empower, and challenge all that hear to “be the best that they can be because of her passion for the TRUTH of the Word of God..”

Together they serve the Lord faithfully as Team Apostles in Newport News, Virginia at Mercy and Truth Ministries, a progressive, apostolic/prophetic ministry under the Apostolic oversight of Dr. Leroy Thompson of Ever Increasing Word Ministries in Dorrow, LA. Out of this union were birthed two sons, Jerick and Joshua. They encourage every believer to be leaders of integrity. The Millers are true worshipers and servants of the Lord.